We're a small micro roaster of Fair Trade, organic, single origin specialty coffees grown in some really cool places.

Experience is paramount

We’re artisan roasters whose years of experience brings a unique taste and characteristics to each and every one of our coffees.

Our RoastMaster rocks!

Our roastmaster, Anthony Valerio, started working in the coffee industry in 1984. He keeps this train a’chugging while roasting some of the best coffees this world has to offer.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: source the best Fair Trade, organic, single origin coffees directly from individual farmers and co-ops who share the same passion and pride as ourselves.

Thank you!

We roast consistently and package our coffees carefully. We humbly ask you to give us a try or thank you if you already have. Enjoy!

Meet our Team

Give us a shout. We'd love to meet you!
Anthony Valerio
Marie Valerio
Irene Satterwhite
Michelle Bauer
Angela Keough
Mario Bosman
Eric Hunsburger
Colleen Giamo
Liz Dobrinska