​New Line of High Grown Coffees at Valerio Coffee Roasters

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The Valerio brand launched with a simple philosophy: source the best Fair Trade, organic, single origin coffees directly from individual farmers and co-ops who share the same passion and pride as ourselves.

As we continue to grow and expand – not only the business of roasting, but the art of roasting – we are falling in love with beans from farmers growing single origin high grown coffees.

Expanding our product line gives us the opportunity to produce a larger variety of coffees, support more farmers, and develop a larger range of complex profiles with distinct tastes and characteristics for you to enjoy.

We are showcasing our new line of high grown coffees in 1-pound black bags sealed fresh with a tin tie. Our Fair Trade, organic, single origin coffees will continue to be packaged in our 1-pound kraft bags. All of our coffees continue to be small batch roasted and air cooled.

Our high grown line includes:

Kenya AA – From Kirinyaga, grown at 1,900 meters, hand-picked ripe coffee cherries, fully washed and fermented, sun dried on raised African drying beds. Light roast with tremendous body and bright acidity. Notes of stone fruit and cacao. $13.50 per pound.

Burundi – From Muyinga, grown at 1676 meters, fully washed, sun dried on raised drying beds. Medium roast. Notes of raisin, plum, and cherry. $13.50 per pound.

Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – From the Clydesdale Estate in St. Andrews, grown at 1,000 meters, fully washed and sundried. A heavy-bodied coffee with mild acidity. Notes of fruit, floral, and chocolate. Available in very limited quantity. $68.00 per pound

We hope you enjoy our new line of high grown coffees as much as we do.