Saint Peter’s Bakery

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Saint Peter’s Bakery is now serving Valerio coffees and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This unique artisan bakery and cafe offers made-from-scratch fresh breads and pastries baked daily in French, steam injection ovens which pairs perfectly with our Fair Trade organic coffees and espresso-based drinks.

We worked closely with their chef, Melanie Melle, who is also the owner and a pastry chef. She opened St. Peter’s Bakery in 2009 and has made it her mission to use only unbleached, unbromated flour with no preservatives from dough starters that date back 100 years.

Located in the Village of Saint Peter’s, tucked inside Chester County, you’ll find a quaint town with a single road lined with historic buildings, unique shops, and local businesses. The bakery is a staple and a main contributor to the community, participating in local events, as well as hosting live music every Friday evening where the bakery and cafe is converted into a pizza parlor for the night.

A highlight of the area is just behind the bakery where French Creek runs right through their backyard. It’s the perfect spot for rock hopping, sunbathing, or grabbing the rope swing to take a dip in the pooled water. It’s an ideal place to visit if you like to hike and want to enjoy a little slice of heaven in the great outdoors.

We love spending an afternoon at the creek, and afterwards walking to St. Peter’s Bakery for homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, quiche, pastries, and of course, a hot, steaming or cold brewed cup of Valerio coffee. Take a seat on the front porch, enjoy the deck out back overlooking the creek, or grab a seat inside where you have the best view of the dessert case. We’re a fan favorite of the Cowboy Cookie, but it’s a tough call as there are so many mouth-watering options!

Our 1-pound whole beans coffees are also available for sale to take home, and Chef Melle and her team are happy to grind the beans for you. (For those that aren’t coffee drinkers, she also sells our MajaTei teas, so check those out too.) I encourage you to stop in as I know you will enjoy your experience, the food, the coffee, and the kind, service-oriented staff.


Anthony Valerio