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Cold Brewed Coffee. It’s Still Trending Hot.

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Cold brewed coffee is no longer yesterday’s coffee. Maybe it’s not a secret anymore, but iced coffee use to be a coffee shop’s leftovers. That day’s unsold coffee – refrigerated overnight, or even worse – hot coffee poured over a cup of ice. I cringe at the thought.

While somewhat refreshing, when prepared this way, the ice dilutes the taste and leaves this popular drink in need of serious improvement.

Welcome, cold brewed.

The most impressive part of cold brewed is the taste. It’s true that if you cold brew poor quality, bad tasting coffee, you’ll still have poor quality, bad tasting coffee – just cold. And if you incorrectly grind the coffee (usually that means too fine), or use water that isn’t fresh enough or has as much chlorine as your swimming pool – forget it. It won’t be good either.

But let's get back to GOOD tasting cold brew.

Cold brewed is best when you use fresh coffee, grind it course, and place directly into cold water. Seal it with a lid and steep in the fridge for 12 hours. Remove the grinds and – voila – you now have cold brewed concentrate. Add equal part water to the concentrate and you have yourself the perfect cold brewed.

Drink as is (that’s how I like it) or over ice with milk and a sweetener.

Tips for cold brewed:

  1. There are 2 ways to place the course ground coffee into the water – directly or indirectly. For direct, put the grinds directly into the water. After 12 hours, pour it through a filter. For indirect, put the ground coffee into a coffee filter, tie it off with string, and submerse it. You can also do this with a French Press and after 12 hours push down on the plunger. The indirect method is less messy and gives your concentrate more clarity and zero sediment, so I’d go that route, especially if you’re trying it for the first time. Direct will have sediment which is drinkable, but will also have more body and a grittier mouthfeel. It's also a way bigger pain to clean up.
  2. Cold brew concentrate is good for 14 days, so make a 2-week supply and you can spend your extra free time watching Game of Thrones instead.
  3. There’s no acidity in cold brewed. (Yay!) For those with bellies that get grumpy with too much coffee you can now drink all the cold brewed you want without regret.
  4. Keep a stash of cold brewed concentrate in the fridge to add to your favorite dessert. Cold brewed tastes delicious poured over ice cream, or when added to cake or cookie batter. I even pour it over my morning pancakes. And don’t forget a coffee martini. It’s the perfect drink to put this coffee guy right to sleep after a long day of roasting.

Give cold brewed a try. It’s not just iced coffee.

All the Best!

Anthony Valerio