Thankful Thursdays

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What are we sharing on Thursdays? Good news!

I’m so proud of my team. We are a humble group of coffee loving people and collectively love to show our support for each other and our community. Any time an opportunity arises to support a local cause or attend an event, my team signs their name on the volunteer sheet right under mine without thinking twice.

Community support has always been a priority for our family-owned business. From the cherry picker to the coffee farmer to the truck driver delivering the beans right to our door, but we also donate to special causes, support fundraisers, and employ those who have difficulties finding a job.

Being employed at Valerio Coffee Roasters not only brings you a paycheck, but also a sense of pride in a job well done and the opportunity to lend a hand to someone in need. We look beyond and encourage those that may have been incarcerated, homeless, or fighting an addiction and focus on their excitement to work, skills they have, because we know a job is a reason to get going each day and hope for a future. Jobs builds self-esteem, and brings us together as a community.

We are able to provide for our employees and the coffee community because of the support of our customers. And so, we thank you!

Every other Thursday we will share a story about a Valerio Coffee Roaster customer who supports us and makes a difference in the community. It’s our chance to give thanks. We ask that you show your support too – visit our customers' locations and shop local.

Stay tuned for our first featured customer!

With gratitude,

Anthony Valerio

Owner & Roastmaster