Unexpected Success


When you walk into the production area of Valerio Coffee Roasters, you might find a man roasting beans while belting out a song playing on the radio, entertaining the staff in the process. That man is Mario Bosman, and he’s Valerio’s Production Manager. He oversees the production team, maintains equipment, roasts coffee, orders beans, processes orders, and he does it all with an unparalleled work ethic…and a song.

Anthony Valerio says Mario is one of the hardest workers, and he’s a vital member of the Valerio team. “Mario has been a gem. He earned more responsibility very quickly in the production department and has been excelling as our Production Manager. I couldn’t be more thrilled or proud of him.”

Mario has been part of Valerio Coffee Roasters for ten years, but the road he took to get there was anything but smooth. In fact, Anthony took a risk other employers might not have when he hired a young man participating in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania’s Work Release program.

Mario had made a string of bad decisions, but was committed to redeeming himself. As part of a work release program, he’d landed a job at a local Philadelphia company, but he lost the right to participate in work release due to a miscommunication, and Mario lost that job. While he passed the time playing cards and reading, he also lobbied his caseworker to get back into work release.

Mario finally succeeded, and in September 2009, he got an interview with Anthony Valerio. Mario was candid about his background, and Anthony offered him the job. From day one, Anthony treated Mario just like all his other employees. Mario started out cleaning, labeling, and shelving products in the warehouse. Anthony is no micro-manager. He gave Mario instruction, observed his hard work and aptitude to learn more, and he handed over increasing responsibility to the man who proved his worth day by day.

Anthony has taken risks on other people in the work release program, and unfortunately some end up back where they started. The successes over the years has made it all worth it. He keeps taking those risks, though, because he believes that people deserve second chances. He knows that hard work and pride are opportunities for people to write their own success stories. Valerio is a small company, but it’s making big differences in its employees’ lives.

And how is Mario Bosman doing today? He’s proud of his ten years with Valerio Coffee, and he plans to spend the rest of his working days with Anthony and the team. He’s learned valuable skills, and he’s built a good life on the opportunities he’s been given. Mario is married to a teacher, and they’ve carved out a life in their community. They’re proud parents of a daughter, and they’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of their second daughter.

To Mario, his job at Valerio is a blessing. The trust and faith that Anthony put in him are the foundation on which Mario has created a career and a life he can be proud of.

Mario’s favorite Valerio coffee is French Roast, usually black, but occasionally with a touch of cream.