Valerio Coffee Roasters Sponsors City Bright Cleanup Day on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Whether you visit, live, or work in the Philadelphia area, two problems are evident: a huge homeless population and city streets littered with trash. It’s fitting that two locals, childhood friends Anthony Valerio and Adam Kesselman, are joining efforts to make a dent in both problems at the same time.

Adam Kesselman founded City Bright, a nonprofit with a straightforward mission: to pay homeless people in Philadelphia to collect trash. City Bright holds cleanup days every Saturday at locations near homeless shelters throughout the city.

Anthony Valerio, a local artisan coffee roaster, first met Adam Kesselman when both boys were eleven years old. The childhood friends reconnected via Facebook after more than thirty years, and when Anthony learned about Adam’s City Bright work, he jumped at the chance to participate. Anthony Valerio and Valerio Coffee Roasters are delighted to sponsor the February 16 cleanup day.

A cleanup day typically costs $1000, most of which is spent on payment to homeless city residents who register to lend a hand, along with gloves, trash bags, and brightly-colored shirts. Valerio Coffee Roasters will contribute funding for the February 16 cleanup and also serve up hot Valerio Espresso roast coffee, along with all the fixings.

In addition to covering cleanup day costs, Valerio Coffee Roasters will be donating to City Bright $.15 per pound of all the Valerio Espresso roast coffee sold for the entire 2019 calendar year. Valerio Espresso roast coffee is available online at, at Valerio Coffee Roaster’s store in Audubon, PA, and from select retailers. For a list of retail locations, visit

Anthony Valerio will be leading one of the cleaning crews on February 16, 2019, and he’s encouraged employees of Valerio Coffee Roasters to show up and pitch in as well. Volunteers will gather at the Gaudenzia Women’s Homeless Shelter at 118 N 48 th Street in West Philadelphia. The cleanup will run from 11am to 1:30pm.

Anthony explains his motivation to support City Bright’s important work: "Adam reminded me that the City of Philadelphia was built on the backs of hard-working immigrants and prides itself on being a city where persistence and loyalty reign. Despite this, we suffer from rising homelessness and a poor public perception of cleanliness. We can’t solve all the city's problems, but we can roll up our sleeves and give Adam and City Bright a helping hand."

While homelessness is a big problem with complex causes, Adam Kesselman explains City Bright's simple premise: "Pay the homeless to clean our streets, and in turn, they are working towards a better life. It's a win-win for everyone." In addition to paying each homeless worker for their time and efforts in cleaning up Philadelphia streets, Kesselman also provides letters of recommendation to anyone who shows up more than twice. The goal isn’t to generate huge crowds of homeless people on cleanup duty; the goal is to help homeless people work to improve their lives. For more information about City Bright, visit